QATSI: Measure Your Quality and Results Fast!

QATSI: First in Innovation!

QATSI is the only TAS industry platform dedicated to measuring and improving agent performance and call quality control activities. QATSI is a business tool that is fully customizable in order to support your unique business. It can be used weekly, monthly, annually, or at any interval meaningful to your workflow. Get results through a dynamic user dashboard in just a matter of hours!

What does QATSI measure? 

QATSI measures agent performance and overall call quality based off of ATSI’s comprehensive 52-point scorecard; the new contact center industry standard. Through QATSI, subscribers can either upload a full day or a specific time frame of calls or better yet, upload all of your calls! 

The Scorecard 

The exclusive ATSI scorecard is built around six pillars of quality agent performance.  Uploaded calls are scored against specific criteria, such as:

  1. Building Relationships
  2. Understanding Needs
  3. Creating Value
  4. Asking for the Commitment
  5. Soft Skills
  6. Phone Protocols

The Dashboard

Once uploaded, call data and analytics are ready for your review within 48 hours. One of the most beneficial features of QATSI is that it has the capacity to score up to 27,000 minutes of calls per upload. A dynamic dashboard will help you easily review your call scores and see exactly what key performance indicators were missed per agent. With just a click of a button, you can listen to calls, sort data by call duration, agent name, score, missed KPI criteria, or by the client.

An added benefit comes from having the ability to share your dashboard with current clients! This can have a significant impact on your retention ratio. Clients will be impressed and confident when they see how your Account Managers are actively managing their business. Get ready for more referrals!

The Upload

CallSource understands our industry and HIPAA compliance. With a business associate agreement in place, you’re ready for upload! You select the day or days to upload for scoring and receive a level of randomization that will give you the most accurate view of your quality. It’s that easy!

ATSI has partnered with our industry user groups to co-develop simple step-by-step upload process instructions. Yes, these instructions are platform-specific and support API Integration.

The Value

As a TAS owner, QATSI is an affordable solution that provides a complete set of comprehensive analytics to evaluate call quality and agent performance – in just a matter of hours. Reduce payroll dollars and begin up-leveling your service delivery standards. By adding QATSI as your primary quality assurance tool, you are well-positioned to grow your business and increase your profits.

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More About QATSI

ATSI's Strategic Alliance with CallSource

ATSI partnered with CallSource to develop and deliver QATSI: First in Innovation. CallSource has analyzed over ONE BILLION phone calls over the past five years. They are the premier technology-enabled business performance system that optimizes clients’ revenue, profit, and brand reputation.

CallSource pioneered the call tracking industry and has evolved to become the leader in actionable analytics. They have helped over 300,000 businesses understand their call data and help them improve their bottom line.

Call Coaching

QATSI takes your call analytics to the next level; and provides the tools to assist you with improving your service delivery. Call Coaching is designed to give your team a fundamental understanding of the core skills that are required to improve. Our coaches will work directly with agents to review their specific performance and together discuss how to improve the caller’s experience.

One-on-one 15-minute coaching sessions allow your agents to quickly learn how to improve and places them back in the queue better prepared to answer the next call. Team coaching sessions are also available to bring your staff together for a 30-minute review and critique of calls in a shared learning experience.

Special Offer: QATSI Limited Release

First 2 Months At Only $250/month!

QATSI is a game-changer for the contact center industry!  With the new partnership between CallSource and ATSI, we are offering up to 20 Limited Release QATSI Subscriptions for only $250/month.  This is a two-month (60 days) commitment to experience QATSI first-hand. 

 Limited Release participants will be asked to complete a survey of their experience, provide testimonials, and participate in focus group activities. 

To take advantage of this offer and request more information, please complete this formOr feel free to contact CallSource’s official QATSI representative, Jack Price, at [email protected] or 818-673-4731.

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