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OEO — The OnviSource Equipment Owners Association, Inc. (OEO) membership is made up of telemessaging services and call centers who share the commonality of utilizing AccuCall or OnviCalltelemessaging equipment manufactured and supported by OnviSource and represents a partnership between Vendor and Users that is unique to the industry. OEO's goals are to provide educational opportunities; gather and exchange information; and provide product development guidance to OnviSource. The excellent working partnership between OEO and OnviSource has resulted in new products and services that have significantly enhanced users' ability to compete in today's marketplace.

NAEO — National Amtelco Equipment Owners (NAEO) is an association of Amtelco users dedicated to education, networking, and development of best practices among members. NAEO's vision is to enable members to continually set new standards of excellence as the industry's leaders in providing quality and profitable communications services. NAEO members enhance their businesses by taking advantage of a variety of member benefits including networking opportunities at an annual conference and through the members-only listserv, access to a ten percent discount on their Amtelco Service Contract, an Ambassador program that assists members with equipment upgrades and free webinar training.

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Team SNUG is made up of industry-leading call centers service providers and Health Systems utilizing Startel call center equipment. Our members who range in size from 3 to 100+ seats, work together to help each other succeed. Our members are made up of people just like you, facing the same business challenges and opportunities. Membership in SNUG provides an invaluable opportunity to network and brainstorm with other successful call centers. Whether attending annual meetings, conversing with other members by phone or on the SNUG email listserve, you will find that SNUG members are eager to share ideas that will help you succeed. 

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The Tascom Users Group (TUG) is an international user group for the Tascom system. TUG conducts periodic training seminars and other informational events. TUG addresses member concerns through its email listserv.

TUNe is the Telecommuications Users Network dedicated to exchanging and profiting from innovative ideas. Formed in 1986, the Telecommunications Users Network (TUNe) has provided a means for service owners to network and help provide input for future developments with regards to system performance. The TUNe group meets annually to discuss current issues and equipment features. Users present a "wish list" of features that they feel would enhance their equipment. Telescan personnel are on hand to lead discussions and software and equipment developments. A common listserv is available for all TUNe members to use throughout the year to share ideas with fellow users. Information: Maryellen Pruitt 877-817-7262.

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