Pursue a Boutique or Niche Market Strategy for Your Telephone Answering Service

Discover the Benefits of TAS Niche Market Focus

One of the possible telephone answering service strategies we mentioned is to pursue niche markets. It is the second of four major TAS tactics to consider.
Aside from focusing on medical accounts, there once was a time when most all answering services were generalists, taking on any new account that required their services. This once was the best growth strategy, but that’s not necessarily the case anymore. Pursuing a niche market—or markets—is emerging as a more tactical solution to answering service success.
Here are some of the benefits available from pursuing a niche market growth strategy for your answering service.

Allow for Specialization

Focusing on one (or a few) vertical markets allows for increased focus. This lets you and your staff accumulate specific knowledge about one industry, which permits you to serve them more fully and effectively. You’ll learn their industry jargon, understand their pain points, and pick up on hot-button issues. This specialization will allow you to serve clients in that vertical market with greater ease and produce better results.

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Plan Now for Success This Year

A Failure to Plan Is Planning to Fail

Last month we talked about the importance of finishing the year strong to best prepare for the new year. Hopefully you followed some of the recommended steps and did indeed finish last year strong. Now you’re prepared to make the best of this year for your telephone answering service.

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Is It Time for Some Spring Cleaning in Your TAS?

With the Changing Season Comes the Opportunity to Make Meaningful Change

Spring is that time of year we usually associate with doing a thorough cleaning of our house, called spring cleaning. Whether we actually get around to doing it, of course, is another story. Let’s move the concept of spring cleaning from our home to our business. Here are some spring-cleaning projects we might want to consider for our answering service.

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End This Year Strong to Best Prepare for Next Year

Don’t Coast Through December and Put Things Off Until Next Year

As the year winds down, our focus and drive often do too. There are seasonal activities and parties to distract us. And two major holidays, Christmas and New Year’s Day, interrupt our work routine. All this combines to tempt us to slow down and relax. Then we can hit next year full on and fresh.

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Why Consistency is Key for Answering Service Excellence

Providing Inconsistent Service Will Frustrate Clients and Cause Them to Cancel Service

In our earlier post about evaluating your ATSI Award of Excellence results, we talked about the importance of consistency. Although the average of your total scores and the averages of each component of the calls is important, be sure to balance this with consistency.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in the ATSI Award of Excellence Program this Year

6 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in the ATSI Award of Excellence Program this Year

Independent, Third-Party Evaluation Drives Quality and Advances Customer Service Excellence

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Get Ready for Fall

As Summer Winds Down, Now Is the Time to Plan for What Comes Next

You and your answering service have been in summer mode for a few months now. Exactly what that means depends on your management style, operation, and geographic location. Regardless of what summer mode looks like for you, there’s a different vibe in your answering service during the summer months than the rest of the year.

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Finish Strong with Your Award of Excellence Results

Whether You Won the Award or Not, There’s Still More to Do

The ATSI Convention is over; the Award of Excellence Winners, announced. Hopefully you returned to the office to celebrate. Or maybe you returned dejected. Regardless of the outcome and your attitude toward it, there’s still more to do. It’s the most important part of the whole program.

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