ATSI is committed to providing the very best advocacy tools for the TAS industry and ensures that our members have a strong voice on Capitol Hill! Over the years, ATSI, members have come to Capitol Hill and the federal agencies and let the decision-makers know about our issues, especially the Universal Service Fund issues.

ATSI is proud to offer our members the skills and techniques to help them advocate for themselves and to keep our members up to date on challenges and opportunities facing the profession. It is important to remember that every person in the TAS industry needs to continually advocate for his or her own livelihood. If you don’t, who will?

Below are some talking points on some of ATSI’s top issues and also very simple ways to advocate for yourself.

Universal Service Fund Information

ATSI Information Sheet for Legislators on Impact of USF on the TAS Industry
ATSI’s Request for a Carve-Out from any Numbers Based Methodology in USF Fees
Points of Light Brochure
Members of the Senate and House Committees of Jurisdiction for the USF Issue

Association Health Plans

ATSI Department of Labor Comments
Background on AHP and Presidential Executive Order

ATSI on HIPAA Issues

2018 ATSI Comments to the National Ombudsman regarding excessive HIPAA regulations
2018 Office of the National Ombudsman formal response to ATSI
Impact of HIPAA on the TAS Industry Fact Sheet
Testimony of Former ATSI President Mike Fultz on HIPAA Impact on TAS Industry (June 2014)
Initial Response from US Department of Health and Human Services

FCC Issues

Update on Net Neutrality Vote (2/26/15)
Comments to FCC on USF Issues

Ex Parte Letter 122007
FNPR Comments Submitted 112608
Ex Parte Letter 102009
Comments on RFC 120709
Ex Parte Letter 022310
Ex Parte Letter 081910
Comments on Section XV (Phantom Traffic) 033111
Comments on FNPRM 070912
Ex Parte Letter 101012
Nebraska PUC Letter on USF 021315

Advocacy Tookit

For more information on how you can get involved, go to to the ATSI ToolKit. Click here to see the Toolkit.

Understanding the Legislative Process

For an in-depth version of the Federal political process click on the photo above.

For the simple (and fun) version, click the picture below.

Who are my Members of Congress? Find your legislators by clicking on the link below.

Find Your Member Of Congress

ATSI members may contact the ATSI legislative counsel (Dave Wenhold) for additional guidance by calling 407-774-7880 or by e-mailing [email protected]